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What do I need to do to get started?

Whether you are 100% sure that you are ready to buy, lease or sell your home or if you are only slightly considering it, please give me a call! Let’s take the time to understand your wants and needs and how we can meet your goals. I want to ensure that you are fully educated on the real estate process and all that it entails. There is no need to rush in to such a major life decision! Let’s walk through the steps together until you are comfortable and ready to find your home sweet home!

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Why do I need a realtor?

With so many advances in technology, some may question why they need a realtor. However, selecting a realtor will be the most important decision in your home buying or selling process.

As your realtor, here are the services that I will provide:

  1. Find a home that fits not only your criteria, but your budget.
  2. Coordinate and provide resources and recommendations for every aspect of the real estate process.
  3. Ensure that all paper work is accurate and submitted on time.
  4. Mitigate issues along the way.
  5. Serve as an advocate on your behalf.
  6. Negotiate great deals so that you are comfortable with your financial decision.
  7. Accompany you through every step of the process especially for inspections, inspections, inspections! A good realtor will accompany you throughout the inspection process to ensure that the house is in the greatest condition possible.
  8. Keep you calm, confident and excited throughout the process!